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Hello, my name is Darryl. I'm the husband/daddy around this house. I'm in the US Navy. I joined in November 1990. I'm going to make it a career. I think I'd be silly not to at this point. It's been good to me and my family. I started out in Orlando, Florida for boot camp and part of my schooling. Then on to Great Lakes, Illinois for more schooling. I got married while there. Then we moved to Dahlgren, Virginia for two years where I worked at Naval Space Surveillance Command. While in Virginia, we enjoyed working on a neighbor's boat with him and his wife and going fishing with them on the Potomac River. We drove to Washington DC several times to do some sight-seeing.

Next we moved to Keflavik, Iceland where we lived for five years. Two of our children were born there, Hannah and Rebekkah. We enjoyed touring the countryside and visiting with some of our Icelandic friends. We liked helping at the Pentacostal Church Camp. I helped build an outside bathroom, a sidewalk, and part of the new retreat building. It was much fun. We really enjoyed our stay in Iceland and often miss the slower pace of life there. If you ever have a chance to visit the "Land of Fire and Ice", it's worth it! Be sure to take your bathing suit and visit the Blue Lagoon!

From Iceland, we moved to Great Lakes, Illinois where we stayed three years. I taught one of the Electronic's Schools at the training command. I enjoyed teaching--it was very rewarding to see the students come in with little knowledge of the equipment and leave with a better understanding of it. Our other two children were born there, Sarah and Joshua. We enjoyed seeing some of the attractions in the Chicago area.

We are now in Hampton, Virginia. When we first moved here, I was stationed at Little Creek to Assault Craft Unit 4. I wore many hats while there and did a six month deployment in 2003. It was a rough deployment, but looking back I see how God carried me and my family through it all.

I am now stationed at Military Civil Affairs Group (MCAG), still on Little Creek Base. I've only been here a few months. I'm curious to see where this last command will take me and what all I'll be doing. This will be my last command in the Navy, as I'll retire from here in 2010.

I enjoy fishing (as I'm sure you can tell), tinkering on the computer, working in the woodshop when I have time, camping, watching NASCAR racing,and of course playing with the kids and spending time with my wife. We have found a new hobby of geocaching and love to get out and about looking for treasures in the woods. I've even gotten my Mom and Dad addicted to it. I don't often have time to do much with my hobbies, but when I do, this is what you'll find me doing.

Please be sure to visit the other areas of our home on the web. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay. Just grab a cup of coffee (don't spill it on the keyboard), sit back, relax, and surf. And as always, God Bless you!

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