Well, racing season 2002 is underway! Though our driver has not won a race, we still don't miss one unless absoulutely necessary, and even then we record it! It's been an exciting season thus far. We can't wait for the rest! We're also looking forward to attending the Kansas Speedway race on September 29th. Below you'll see pictures of our seats and the track from last year.

If you didn't notice already, we follow Jeff Gordon. We've been following him since he ran for "Baby Ruth" in the Busch series. Hannah even likes Jeff~~she has her own Jeff Gordon/NASCAR bathroom, complete with shower curtain and cars.

We enjoy watching a few other drivers: Bobby Labonte, everybody's favorite Bill Elliot, and Jimmy Johnson. Darryl has been watching racing for years now and has always been a fan of Darrell Waltrip. Kelly only began watching racing after marrying Darryl. She used to watch Davey Allison (even though he drove a "Yucky Ford", as Hannah would call it). We've gotten two of our friends hooked on NASCAR! One of them follows Bobby Labonte. Unfortunately the other follows Dale Jarrett (He needs to drive the Big Brown Truck!).

We enjoy watching the Busch series as well. Darryl and Hannah went to the first race at the Kansas Speedway on September 29, 2001 and are exited to go again this year on September 28th. We like watching Hank Parker, Jr. in the Busch series.

We hope you've enjoyed your visit with us. Please be sure to visit our other pages while here. You can find the links at the bottom of this page.
Happy Racing and God Bless!

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